Final Piece

This is the final edit for our media film.It was edited by me, filmed by me and Alex.From previous edits we have improved some of the sound as well as some of the titling.

Monday, 16 November 2015

perfect audience member

 I think that some people in the Blingers tribe would watch my video as it is film noir as it has classy clothing and good stories. People that are in a triple such a Blingers would look like this,

The food that the Blingers would eat is expensive and good quality. The sort of food would be lots of meat and fish etc, The music that they would listen to would be classical and classy. They would properly he happy with dance music if ever at a VIP club.
The food that Hippies would eat would be around the lines of vegetarian food and healthy food. Food that is good for you and the making of did not harm the environment. The music that they would listen to would be slow moving and peaceful. They would not like classical or dance / pop music.

I thing that the people in the Hippy tribe would be interested in watching my video with he genre 

being film noir as they are a fan of the good funky clothing as would interest them greatly. People in a Hippy tribe would look like this,

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