Final Piece

This is the final edit for our media film.It was edited by me, filmed by me and Alex.From previous edits we have improved some of the sound as well as some of the titling.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

What i need to incorporate in my film to make it look genuine.

To make our film look like a genuine opening of a feature film and a film noir film we will need a multiple of things.
We will need to introduce the characters, the story/plot and the setting of the film. The characters have to look like they could come from our time era and the area we chose to be set in. So we will need to research the typical clothing of the 50`s and decide where the film is supposed to be set in and find out details about that specific area.
For the plot and story line we need to make sure we can visually represent the theme of our film and make sure that it is clear but we also need to show credits which are always shown at the beginning of a film thy are also important in a theme way as they are often stylised in the same way as the rest of the movie which makes the movie look more organic.
The most iconic film noir trait is that they are black and white is important to include but the same iconic effect can still be achieved even when not completely shot in black and white. And as there is a great deal of realism in film nor movies this will need to included as well.

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