Final Piece

This is the final edit for our media film.It was edited by me, filmed by me and Alex.From previous edits we have improved some of the sound as well as some of the titling.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Kiss me deadly opening sequence

Mise en scene:
This opening is all focused on a women who runs down a street and seems to try to hitch hike a ride. But cars keep on driving past her. The road the runs along is very dark and straight. It seem to be somewhere where there are no buildings or street lights. This gives it a very isolated feeling.The car she hails is a old open top car driven by a man in coat  she is wearing a similar colour coat. The credits start rolling when they drive away and the credits are laid over the actual footage of them in the car. You then can only see very little.

The first thing you heat is the woman panting while she runs down the road as well as her footsteps. Little later you can hear the engine of a car getting louder. Then the sound track starts playing. It is a orchestral track which gets louder and louder as does the car. This happens for every car driving past her until she stands in front of the car in the middle of the road when the music is very loud and the car screeches past he in a very loud fashion.She then runs up to the driver panting while he talks to her. She then gets in the car while the radio presenter talks and for the rest of the credits we only hear the song from the radio.

Most of the shots used we medium to wide shots focused either on the woman or on the cars. At the end we had a very long shot of the camera inside the car pointing outwards.

All the edits used in this clip are straight edits. They always cut in relatively fast intervals to keep up tension and make the scene more action packed. At the end when everything has relaxed and they drive of there are no more cuts. Apart from the credits rolling.

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