Final Piece

This is the final edit for our media film.It was edited by me, filmed by me and Alex.From previous edits we have improved some of the sound as well as some of the titling.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Our cast and Crew

Our cast

David Phillip

He is our first actor he plays the person getting beaten up. We have chosen him as he has the right body  of the person we imagined who would play that role.

Sam Bown
He is the actor to play the role of the larger person beating up the the first actor. We have chosen him as he is very tall and strong just as we imagined the character. He is also a drama student and experienced in acting.

Alexander Freakley

Alexander FreakleyAlex is a very skilled camera man and editor. He has lots of experience and will be co director, co cameraman and co writer. He will also partake in acting as the third character who wields the knife. We choose him due to a last minute drop out. He doesn't look like how we initially thought of the character but as a tall skinny person he has given the character a different style. 

Christopher Sarafiant
image (19)
Chris is cast as co editor co director and cameraman. He has some editing experience as well as directing.

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